Silk Music Showcase 520 (Jacob Henry Mix – “Dusk” Edition)

In celebration of Approaching Black’s brand new “Dusk” artist album on Silk Music (a two-part, 25-track offering), Label Director Jacob Henry presents the latest installment of Silk Music Showcase. Click here to download / stream “Dusk” on all major digital platforms.

You can catch Jacob’s next live set at “Progress w/ Silk Music” at Club Contour, Seattle, on January 17. Click here* for the official event page. (*For non-Facebook users, event info & tickets are also available at


1. Lar Gibbons – Coast of Hypnosis [Magician On Duty] [0:00]
2. Approaching Black – You Know What To Do [Out Now on “Dusk” / Silk Music] [7:12]
3. Draso – Picturesque [Seven Villas] [12:10]

Silk Selection:
4. Approaching Black & Brandon Mignacca – One Minute Longer [Out Now on “Dusk” / Silk Music] [20:10]

5. Joe Miller – The Last of the Great Days [Sound Avenue] [25:06]
6. Approaching Black – Closer [Out Now on “Dusk” / Silk Music] [29:51]
7. FC Kahuna feat. Hafdis Huld – Hayling (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) [Subtract Music] [34:41]
8. Blood Groove & Kikis – Little [Silk Music] [40:48]
9. Enviado Vida – 2 Years Later [Silk Music] [46:39]
10. Approaching Black – Opening A Different Door [Out Now on “Dusk” / Silk Music] [52:44]
11. Approaching Black – After So Long [Out Now on “Dusk” / Silk Music] [57:15]


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